Stovax Stoves

The UK’s most popular stove maker

stovax stoves

In our showroom we have a comprehensive range of Stovax stoves – Stovax woodburning stoves, Stovax multi-fuel stoves, and Stovax inset stoves.
Based in Exeter, Stovax are sister company to Gazco , the UK’s largest manufacturer of gas fires.

Stovax makes a vast range of quality stoves. The functional and durable Stockton steel stoves range from the tiny Stockton 3, to the large Stockton 11. Their Stockton 5 is a best seller, with both wood burning and multi fuel versions, and is also suitable for installation in smoke control areas with a minor modification to the air controls. Stovax stoves also include traditional cast iron stoves like the Huntingdon and Brunel. These have high quality castings, which can be bought in enamelled finishes, from popular ivory to darker enamel blue and green colours.
Stovax also have a range of boiler stoves to allow you to link your stove to your heating system.
As well as freestanding stoves, Stovax build a comprehensive range of inset wood burning stoves and multi-fuel stoves like the RIVA66 and RIVA40. The RIVA range (Riva 40, Riva 55, and Riva 66) does offer multi-fuel capability, which is unusual for an inset stove. These Stovax stoves as a great alternative to freestanding stoves – look at this as an idea for a modern fireplace.

Stovax also have sophisticated and contemporary high end products such as the RIVA Vision and Studio woodburning landscape stoves and fires. Stovax stoves have introduced the Studio range of inset wood burning stoves, to match the success of Gazco’s Studio series of gas fires.
Stovax stoves are possibly a little too derivative in their contemporary designs, with re-engineered versions of competitor products, but offer the look – minimal frames, glass doors – with good value for money.