Biofuel Heating

Heating with Wood – Versatile and Clean

Wood can do more than heat a single room. Wood stoves can heat water so you can store surplus heat in a hot water tank. You can use modern wood pellet stoves to come on and off automatically, heat your room to a set temperature, and even communicate with your mobile phone.

Is it time to replace your old oil boiler?

Welcome to Biofuel Heating, sister company to Feature Fire. Biofuel heating is a clean, reliable and low cost alternative to heating oil. At the same time as warming your home responsibly and doing your bit for the environment, you can reduce your fuel bills significantly.

Wood burning is also a low-carbon technology. Most wood pellet boilers now quality for the UK government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) so you can use pellet boilers to run your entire central heating system. The RHI support could offer payback periods of 4-8 years, with return on investment of 10-15%.
• We have years of experience in the supply and installation of wood stoves.
• Expert advice on suitability, selection and installation of stoves and boilers.
• Integration to and upgrading of existing heating systems.
• Project proposals to full MCS standard, backed by the RECC assurance scheme.

Biofuel Heating. Intelligent advice, practical solutions

Biofuel Heating. Intelligent advice, practical solutions