Feature Fire Fireplaces

Traditionally crafted fireplaces made in Somerset

Feature Fire fireplaces are made in their workshops in Weston-super-Mare. They make fireplaces using traditional skills, and continue to make fireplaces for homes on a one-off basis as every home is different.
The majority of fireplaces sold in the UK are made overseas and designed to fit a standard 16” opening. In contrast, Feature Fire Fireplaces are made for every type of stove and fire you can imagine. Large format gas fires, stove, both inset wood burners and freestanding. This project here is a typical job. They have taken the popular Somerset fireplace, and modified it to fit a wide aspect ratio wood burning stove .
Fashions come around. At the moment, minimalism is favoured. Feature Fire fireplaces can be as simple as a stone hearth and backpanel. Feature Fire are able to assess the installation to ensure that the job of protecting the walls and fabric of your house is safely done by whatever materials we use.
Many of Feature Fire Fireplaces are designed by John Cooper. With an eye for period detail they have created some distinctive and classic designs, such as the Allerton fireplace and Tiffany Art Deco fireplaces.
Feature Fire Fireplaces are made from a wide range of limestones and micro marbles. Bath Stone remains popular, as does Somerset Hamstone, and the very uniform Spanish Bateig limestone. View here for the range of materials used.